13 Crypto Exchanges Custody 7% of the Crypto Economy, Coinbase Dominates With $56.2 B AUM– Exchanges Bitcoin News


As 2022 starts, 13 various cryptocurrency exchange platforms have more than a billion dollars each in digital currencies kept in reserves. Between all 13 trading platforms, the group of exchange platforms hold a tremendous $165.25 billion worth of bitcoin, ethereum, and tether.

13 Crypto Exchanges Hold a Billion or More in Crypto Equalling Over $165 Billion in Assets Under Management

At the time of composing, the crypto economy deserves $2.3 trillion and 7.10% of the aggregate or $168 billion is comprised of stablecoins. Furthermore, data on January 2, 2022, suggest that 13 crypto-asset trading platforms hold a billion dollars or more in cryptocurrencies.

The leading 5 exchanges in regards to crypto-assets under custody.

The 13 exchanges consist of Coinbase, Binance, Huobi Global, Kraken, Okex, Gemini, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Bitflyer, Coincheck, Bitstamp, and Bybit respectively. Coinbase is the leader, in regards to crypto reserves hung on Sunday, with $56.2 billion in crypto properties under management (AUM).

The leading 6 through 10 exchanges in regards to crypto-assets under custody.

$ 40.27 billion of Coinbase’s reserves is comprised of bitcoin (BTC), with 853,530 BTC in custody. The second-largest exchange in regards to crypto AUM is Binance with $24.85 billion today. Binance has 370,390 BTC, 3.59 ETH, and 1.24 billion USDT under custody.

All 13 exchanges hold around 165.25 billion in crypto properties on January 2, 2022, which corresponds to 6.98% of the $2.3 trillion crypto economy. Bybit preserves the 13th position, in regards to crypto reserves, and holds $1.44 billion in digital properties.

10 Crypto Asset Trading Platforms Hold More Than $50 Million, 23 Exchanges Custody Over a Million in Crypto Reserves

Approximately 10 crypto-asset exchanges command more than $50 million in crypto AUM. 23 exchanges hold a million dollars or more in crypto AUM and lots of crypto exchanges have no offered reserve information.

This report’s crypto exchange reserve information released on January 2, 2022, at 8:15 a.m. (EST) was tape-recorded by Bituniverse, Peckshield,Chain information, and Etherscan.

The just company that goes beyond the bitcoin ( BTC) reserves Coinbase holds is Grayscale Investment’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), and the trust’s 648,069 BTC under custody. The Bitcoin Trust has 3.086% of the 21 million topped bitcoin supply.

Another entity that has more than 100K in BTC properties isBlock one with 140,000 BTC under management, while the publicly-listed business


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