Argentine federal government blames bitcoin mining for energy crisis– CVBJ

Argentine government blames bitcoin mining for energy crisis – CVBJ


The nationwide federal government of Argentina is trying to find a method to fix the energy crisis that the nation is going through, and hence avoid the power failures of the recently from being duplicated in the future. To that end, an eye has actually been set on bitcoin (BTC) mining farms. The concept is to understand where they are, increase the rates for this sector and “discourage” such endeavors.

The Compa ñía Administradora del Mercado Mayorista El éctrico Sociedad An ónima (CAMMESA) sent out big users and self-generators of electrical energy a letter in which they are asked for to offer information about their cryptocurrency mining activities

With these information, it is planned not just to develop an additional expense for this market in Argentina, however likewise to need facilities financial investments to assist sustain the expected fantastic need they represent. An indirect repercussion of these increased requirements would be to prevent their expansion rather.

In the file that can be seen in the image listed below, it is specified that the users reached by the demand should send out “as a sworn statement” the info on the energy taken in to mine cryptocurrencies throughout the years 2020 and 2021, along with the anticipated usage for 2022 and 2023 The information should be sent out within 15 service days after getting the demand.

With this declaration, CAMMESA notified big users about the demand from the Undersecretary ofElectric Power Source: Twitter @pablosabbatella.

It need to be kept in mind that the procedure does not impact all miners similarly. At initially, individuals who mine from their houses are not needed to report their activities The demand from CAMMESA and the Undersecretary of Electric Energy is intended generally at mining farms, with a greater processing power and electrical energy need.

The energy crisis in Argentina, is it bitcoin’s fault?

In current weeks, much of the Argentine area has actually reported extremely heats, at the start of summertime in the southern hemisphere. With signs above 35 ° C in lots of days, the National Meteorological Service has actually provided numerous informs for the population to look after the heat wave.


This overbearing environment indicated an extremely high energy need for the facilities of the whole nation. In lots of parts, such as the city of Buenos Aires and various parts of the homonymous province, Santa Fe and Córdoba, there were power failures at various times of the week.

Although with the rains of January 1, 2022, the scenario relieved, the State continues to look for “culprits” with the reason of avoiding these issues in the future. When bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining appear on the phase,

As that’s. in this case, bitcoin mining is implicated of asking for big quantities of energy from nations’ power gridsHowever

However, as CriptoNoticias has actually reported in the past, there are reports that conclude that this market takes in less than 0.1% of worldwide energy, and much more than half of it would originate from sustainable sources, according to other research study.Argentina, this scenario in Therefore is not brand-new and, as reported by regional media reports, it appears to be carefully associated to the absence of financial investment in facilities over the last few years.


Source, connecting the crisis and power failures solely with the development of cryptocurrency mining in 2021 might be, to state the least, rash. link (*).


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