Be knowledgeable about more weak point ahead

Be aware of more weakness ahead


There is no huge modifications in the Crypto market considering that the other day. It stays under intraday bearish pressure and there can be space for more weak point at the start of 2022, particularly if we have a look on everyday BTC/NDX (Bitcoin versus NASDAQ) ratio chart, where we are searching for a five-wave drop within wave C to finish a zig-zag A-B-C restorative pattern.

BTC/NDX everyday Elliott Wave analysis

Bitcoin, BTCUSD made a three-wave intraday pullback over the weekend after spontaneous and sharp sell-off, preferably an (a)-( b)-( c) running flat restorative pattern that can send out the rate even lower in the days ahead.

Bitcoin intraday Elliott Wave analysis

Bitcoin Intraday

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