Bitcoin couple Ilya Lichtenstein, Heather Morgan talk plea offer


The goofy crypto couple charged with trying to wash billions of dollars in hacked bitcoin have actually gotten in talks with federal district attorneys on a possible plea offer, according to court filings exposed today.

The talks were initially divulged in a filing by the prosecution onMonday Federal authorities stated both legal groups consented to postpone a status hearing that was initially set up to take place later on today “to facilitate the discovery process and plea discussions between the parties.” The hearing was rescheduled up until May 4.

Ilya “Dutch” Lichtenstein, 34, and his rap artist spouse, Heather Morgan, 31, were detained at their Manhattan house inFebruary Federal authorities have actually implicated the couple of attempting to wash 119,754 bitcoin– the equivalent of $4.5 billion– that they supposedly pilfered when a hacker breached the crypto exchange Bitfinex in 2016.

Later in February, district attorneys divulged in a court filing that they would look for a “resolution” of the case to prevent a trial, MarketWatch reported The couple confronts 25 years in federal jail on charges of conspiracy to dedicate cash laundering and conspiracy to defraud the United States.

Morgan is totally free on $3 million bond pending the result of settlements. Lichtenstein was not given bail and has actually stayed in federal custody because his arrest.

Attorneys for Lichtenstein and Morgan did not return ask for remark, according to Marketwatch.

The Feds Stated The Couple’S Actions Throughout Their Declared Bitcoin Laundering Plan Appeared Drawn From A “Spy Novel.”
Instagram/ heatherreyhan
Screenshot From Heather Morgan'S Rap Video
Heather Morgan Rapped Under The Name “Razzlekhan.”

Federal authorities initially looked for to have actually both offenders held in custody up until trial, arguing in court files that their actions were “pulled from the pages of a spy novel” and showed a most likely flight threat. Lichtenstein and Morgan supposedly had “access to numerous fraudulent identities and documents purchased on the darknet, and the ability to easily acquire more.”

The feds asserted that the couple “have been setting up a contingency plan for a life in Ukraine and/or Russia prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Mugshots For Heather Morgan And Ilya Lichtenstein.
Heather Morgan And Ilya Lichtenstein Were Detained In February Following A Raid Of Their Nyc House.

When police authorities performed a home raid that led to the couple’s arrest, representatives found numerous phones and SIM cards, consisting of a bag identified “Burner Phone.”

Authorities discovered “two hollowed-out books” in Lichtenstein’s workplace and more than $40,000 in money. They likewise found “what appears to be a substantial amount of foreign currency” and kept in mind Lichtenstein utilized digital currency to purchase “over 70 one-ounce gold coins” that were not discovered in his house.

Since their arrest, Lichtenstein and Morgan have actually gotten prestige for their flamboyant online personalities. Morgan rapped under the name “Razzlekhan” and when penned a column for Forbes cautioning about pandemic-era scammers.


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