Bitcoin Is Not Democratic Part Four


With each brand-new installation of this series, the Clown World simulation takes it up a notch.

Part Three began with the stupidity occurring in Canada.

Part Four is now being composed right in the middle of a geopolitical clusterfuck in which every side is lying, propagandizing and steering, while innocent people who simply wish to reside in peace are being intimidated, displaced and eliminated.

Anyone who still trusts contemporary “governments” of any kind at this moment is beyond aid.

This insanity is all a function of the “representative state.” I do not care if it’s Russia, NATO, the U.S., the EU or Ukraine itself. None of these entities are innocent. Only the households and people living within their bullshit borders are.


Source of UnCommunist (*), (*) and (*) of WakeUpPod. (*) revealed are totally their own and do not always show those of BTC (*) or (*).(*) link (*).

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