Bitcoin’s Hashrate Taps New Lifetime High, BTC Price 20% Above Production Cost, Difficulty Nears ATH– Mining Bitcoin News

Bitcoin's Hashrate Taps New Lifetime High, BTC Price 20% Above Production Cost, Difficulty Nears ATH – Mining Bitcoin News


Bitcoin’s hashrate has actually been riding high once again as the processing power tapped another life time high up on January 15, 2022, reaching 219.68 exahash per 2nd (EH/s). The brand-new record follows the previous all-time high (ATH) on the very first day of the year, when the network’s hashrate tapped 219.5 EH/s.

Bitcoin’s Hashrate Hits a Milestone, Analyst Discusses Miner Capitulation, Estimated Bitcoin Production Cost

Bitcoin miners are committing a great deal of SHA256 processing power to the BTC network on January 15, as the network rapidly reached an ATH simply after 12:00 a.m. (EST). The record was simply a hair above the previous ATH on January 1, at 219.5 EH/s as today’s hashrate reached a high of 219.68 EH/s At the time of composing, the network’s hashpower is cruising along at 199 EH/s.


The increase follows the current drop in hashrate that occurred while people of Kazakhstan revolted versus the web and the federal government was momentarily turned off in the nation. It was commonly hypothesized that the hashrate dropped 15% since of the problems in Kazakhstan however miners in the area declared this was not the case. Data suggested at the time that BTC‘s rate drop and mining problem boost added to the 15% loss in hashrate.

In addition to the rate drop and problem boost, quotes state the production expense to mine a single BTC today is $34K. Twitter account and expert Venture Founder just recently described that the production expense rate point is around 20% listed below the existing worth. “The worst dumps bitcoin ever had, were due to miners’ capitulation (Dec 2018, Mar 2020), when bitcoin fell below production costs, it is at risk for miner capitulation,” the expert tweeted Venture Founder included:

[Bitcoin] was at danger for miner capitulation at $30k inMay The existing production expense is $34k, 20% listed below [the] existing rate.

Bitcoin’s Mining Difficulty Expected to Increase 3.8% in 5 Days to New All-Time High

While it was anticipated to occur 2 weeks earlier, Bitcoin’s mining problem will likely reach an all-time high throughout the next date modification. The next problem modification is anticipated to occur in simply over 5 days from now and approximates show it may increase 3.83% greater than it is today. If it does increase to that point and reaches 25.31 trillion, Bitcoin’s mining problem will reach another life time high.


The last mining problem ATH of 25 trillion was on May 13, 2021, and 4 problem reduces– consisting of the biggest date reduction ever– dropped the problem down a lot. Since then, and after July 17, there’s been an overall of 12 problem boosts and simply one reduction.

On Saturday, the biggest bitcoin mining swimming pool is F2pool with 15.57% or 28.88 EH/s and the second-largest swimming pool is Foundry USA with 15.55% or 28.80 EH/s. Both swimming pools have actually been leaping backward and forward throughout the last couple of weeks in regards to Bitcoin’s biggest mining swimming pool.

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