Feel-Good BTC: Homeless In Netherlands + Buying Art In Nigeria + Bitcoin Smiles

Feel-good, Homeless Mokum's tent


The feel-good hits of the week are these: A homeless male discovers The Lightning Network and is unexpectedly banked. An art dealership purchases and offers utilizingBitcoin Plus, the Bitcoin Smiles project gets protection in a significant publication. We’re walking around the world for this one, Netherlands, Nigeria, andEl Salvador All in the name of feeling excellent. Bitcoin is altering the world for the much better and we’ll do our part to highlight the little stories that make the huge photo.

Even though Bitcoin’s primary usage case remains in establishing economies, there are unbanked individuals in the so-called very first world. The topic of our primary story is a best example of that, the individual calledHomeless Mokum We find out a lot about the Netherlands by checking out the short article “How I became homeless and unbanked in Amsterdam and then became Bitcoin millionaire.”

Feel-Good # 1: Suddenly Banked

For example, when a strange lady informs Homeless Mokum about Bitcoin, this is the response.

“Now I am forever grateful to her for showing the way. But at that time I even thought she was trying to scam me. Bitcoin is considered a scam in the Netherlands because it says so in the papers.”

Wow! So, that’s why adoption in Europe feels sluggish. Besides the truth that there’s not a genuine requirement, there’s media adjustment blended in. However, that’s not Homeless Mokum’s case. How did this individual wind up in his circumstance?

“I was stuck in a bad relationship with big money debts. Then I had no money to pay for a room, nor a working bank account, only debt. When I worked all the money automatically disappeared in my debts. I ended up on the street.”

Homeless Mokum attempted to get assist from Dutch companies, however they would simply put Mokum on a list and ignore it. “Because I was too old or too young. Not stable enough, or not mentally ill enough. Not homeless enough but economic homeless.” This is simply an example of how regular individuals can discover themselves unbanked in the very first world. Luckily, Bitcoin repairs this.

The angel in this story is a female on a bench at the airport

“She showed me how to download a Blue lightning wallet on my phone and send me 10 satoshi, the smallest bit of Bitcoin. She also showed me this Sarutobi game she played to earn satoshis.”

 BTC cost chart on Bitbay|Source: BTC/USD on  TradingView.com

Enter Bitcoin, Mokum Finds The Light- ning

Even though Mokum believed it was a fraud initially, there was something real there. He had satoshis. That was a reality.

“I spent days at the public library, I remembered the girl and the wallet. On Twitter I found people talking about this Lightning. There were people sending Lightning QR invoices to each other with satoshis. I started with making lightning invoices, going to lightning faucets and reading more on Bitcoin. I got more sats from Bitcoin people online, they were giving them away.”

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