From The Ground: Five El Zonte Residents Talk About Their Bitcoin Experience


Hyperbitcoinization started inEl Zonte Since El Salvador stated bitcoin legal tender, the little town likewise referred to as Bitcoin Beach ended up being an expedition point for bitcoiners all over. That’s what this publication’s From The Ground series is everything about. First- hand experiences, straight from the center of the volcano.

So far, we’ve brought you the Dutch, Salvadoran One and Two, French, North American One and Two, Italian, and Austrian viewpoints on El Salvador’s bitcoin experiment. Now, it’s time for a Brazilian female to provide her view of the circumstance. The thing is, Saori Honorato is a reporter.

In her short article “Bitcoin Beach Trip: What life is like in the place that started a revolution in El Salvador,” she turns the video camera around. Instead of providing her viewpoint, she interviews 5 El Zonte citizens from various strolls of life. What do individuals most impacted and gained from bitcoin adoption consider the circumstance? Keep checking out to learn.

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