NFT Sales Slid Lower This Week, Cronos NFT Volume Jumps 236% Higher, Azuki Collection Rises — News Bitcoin News


Last week, non-fungible token sales saw an enhancement after toppling week after week in regards to sales volume. This week, NFT sales are down 2.15% from recently’s $544.6 million to today’s $539.2 million. The leading NFT collection in regards to weekly sales was the Azuki collection of antiques, as the task saw a 318% boost in sales throughout the last 7 days.

Weekly NFT Sales Drop 2%, Cronos and Solana NFT Sales Spike

Data originating from the non-fungible token (NFT) economy shows that sales are down today by 2.15%. Statistics show that NFT sales throughout 16 various blockchain networks taped approximately $539.2 million in sales today. Metrics from

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