President Bukele anticipates Bitcoin $100k rally, additional legal adoption and more

President Bukele predicts Bitcoin $100k rally, further legal adoption and more


Last year, El Salvador ended up being the very first nation to embrace Bitcoin as legal tender under Bukele’s presidency as a countermeasure to the growing inflation in the nation. Since legalization, the president got 1,370 BTC for the nation’s reserve and reinvested its latent gains into brand-new facilities jobs consisting of a health center and a school

President Bukele forecasted that 2 more nations will sign up with El Salvador to embrace Bitcoin as a legal tender in 2022. In the very same year, he anticipates a bull run that will take BTC rate to a brand-new all-time high of $100,000.

On Jan 2, El Salvador President Nayib Bukele shared 5 bullish forecasts on Bitcoin’s ( BTC) efficiency for the year 2022.


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