Queen of Pop Becomes a Metaverse Material Girl– Madonna Buys Bored Ape for $564K– Bitcoin News


The ‘Queen of Pop,’ Madonna has actually exposed she has “entered the metaverse” after she obtained the non-fungible token (NFT) collectible Bored Ape # 4988. According to onchain information, Madonna’s Bored Ape # 4988 was acquired for 180 ether or $564K at the time of settlement.

Madonna Says She ‘Finally Entered the Metaverse’

Madonna is the current celeb to sign up with the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collectors. The singer-songwriter and starlet exposed the purchase on March 25, 2022, through the pop star’s Instagram page.

“I finally entered the Metaverse… My very own Ape! What should I name her? Thanks [Moonpay]. We all need protection from Evil Eye,” Madonna informed her Instagram fans.

Queen Of Pop Becomes A Metaverse Material Girl — Madonna Buys Bored Ape For $564K

During the last 2 days, Madonna’s Bored Ape expose on Instagram gotten around 86,668 likes. Furthermore, a variety of fans provided Madonna recommendations on what to call the recently gotten BAYC.

“This is cute, I like it,” one specific composed toMadonna “Btw, isn’t Evil Eye just a superstition? Noone is evil by nature. I would name her Pinky,” the individual included. Another specific on Instagram was a bit more ironical and stated:

Name her: ‘Nobody Will Care About This In 10 years.’ A Cabbage Patch Beanie Baby FOMO for the 21st century. Destined for the digital garbage load.

Moonpay Acquires Expensive NFTs for Celebrities, Madonna Owns 17 NFTs from 8 Collections

It appears Moonpay has actually been associated with buying costly NFTs for stars in current times. The American vocalist, songwriter, and rap artist Wiz Khalifa leveraged Moonpay to get Bored Ape # 1506 around the exact same amount of time as Madonna’s purchase. Statistics # 4988, the metaverse Madonna owns a lot more NFT antiques.

While Madonna suggest that In presently holds 17 NFTs from 8 various collections.Madonna’s wallet just has $30 worth of ethereum, the wallet does hold $21,285 worth of apecoin (APE). Wiz Khalifa addition to Eminem and Paris Hilton, BAYC NFTs are likewise owned by Gwyneth Paltrow, Shaq, Justin Bieber,

At, and Bored Ape Yacht Club.The the time of composing, the

Tags NFT collection has the most costly flooring cost with an existing flooring worth of 103.69 ether.
collection has a projected market capitalization of around $1 billion and throughout the last 24 hours, the BAYC collection has actually seen $7.2 million in volume or 2,311 ether. in this story
$ 564K, 180 ether, Bored Ape BAYC NFTs, Eminem # 4988https://news.bitcoin.com/tag/expensive-nfts/”>expensive, ,

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