Revisiting Bitcoin’s Energy ‘Problem’ in the Face of ESG Investment Mandates


The preceding point about deal recognition is very important since it is luring to compare the energy density of Bitcoin deals to something like Visa (V). Bitcoin can just deal with 7 deals per 2nd compared to Visa’s 24,000+. But, keep in mind, Bitcoin does not utilize energy to confirm deals. The miners’ task is to protect the network, include brand-new blocks of information to the chain and win bitcoin in return. That’s what they invest energy on. They’re not mainly thinking about confirming deals. That agreement on the real state of the network is mainly the task of non-mining, Bitcoin complete nodes. Plus, Bitcoin deals are not the like Visa or other payment processors’ deals. Bitcoin deals supply (probabilistic) finality, Visa’s do not. Visa’s success depends upon the success of different systems. Visa’s “token” is foreign to its network.


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