The U.S. Government and Bitcoin Auctions: Here’s What Investors Need to Know

The U.S. Government and Bitcoin Auctions: Here's What Investors Need to Know


It’s obvious that crypto properties like Bitcoin (< a href="">CRYPTO:BTC) are dealing with increased examination from federal governments worldwide, and financiers in this area will likely deal with more stringent policies in the years ahead. In this section of Backstage Pass, taped onDec 20,Fool com factors Jason Hall and Rachel Warren go over a current report that the U.S. federal government repeatedly auctions off countless dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency scooped up in possession seizures.

Jason Hall: Like I stated, Rachel shared this with us, about truly intriguing some information points and a current CNBC short article on the U.S. federal government and Bitcoin.

It seems like, over the previous couple of years, I believe beginning in 2018, 2019, when there was great information readily available, as far as whatever that was occurring, the federal government has actually taken over 185,000 Bitcoins.

I didn’t do the precise mathematics, however I understand that’s billions of dollars, however it’s close to most likely 8 billion dollars, I’m thinking 185,000 times $42,000, $43,000 per coin.

Rachel Warren: Quite a lot. [laughs]

Jason Hall: Yeah, we understand it’s a lot. Now, we do not understand just how much Bitcoin the CIA has in secret wallets.

Rachel Warren: That’s the genuine concern men.

Jason Hall: The genuine concern. I’m joking [laughs] primarily.

Rachel Warren: Yeah.

Jason Hall: Seriously, here’s our concern, men. Rachel I’m going to ask you to kick this one off here. How does this affect or modify your understanding of Bitcoin in one method or another or does it?

Rachel Warren: It does not modify my understanding ofBitcoin I’m not presently boughtBitcoin I gradually play with finding out a bit more about it, however I have not been at a point where I’ve wished to start.

But I believe if this is something that you wish to purchase, contribute to your varied portfolio A, it should not truly come as a surprise that the federal government possibly has actually done a much better task of monitoring crypto than they let on on all this time.

And B, it does not truly alter whether Bitcoin in and of itself can be a practical financial investment. We understand that we’ve been seeing a lot more guideline from current tax updates like a facilities expense to federal government authorities worldwide securing down on Bitcoin.

A great deal of it has actually been to stem the tide of unlawful activity that frequently surrounds digital currency. I do not truly believe it would’ve been affordable to anticipate for them to leave Bitcoin alone. I understand a great deal of individuals have actually stated this, however I believe it provides Bitcoin a great deal of authenticity and I believe it assists it work much better in a free enterprise, however in a manner that’s much safer for financiers in the long run.

But I believe what’s so amusing about there’s this short article on CNBC and it was discussing how “for many years the U.S. federal government has actually kept a side hustle auctioning off Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies”. “One of the next seizures up on the auction block is $56 million”

Jason Hall: I like that the federal government has a side hustle.

Rachel Warren: They have an auction block? But:

Rachel Warren I simply desire to state that there is side hustle part, it’s. Well there’s a quite huge deficit.

This: “official”, if uncle Motley Fool can have a side hustle so can you? We: Questioning you go.

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