Top -10 UFC Flyweight Fighter Is Going to Get Paid in Bitcoin


The presently ranked # 7 flyweight in the Ultimate FIghting Championship (UFC) has actually consented to get all of his future battle profits in Bitcoin through payroll serviceBitwage

According to Bitwage’s news release, UFC flyweight fighter Matheus Nicolau has actually consented to an offer to get his future incomes with the company inBitcoin Nicolau represents the very first Latin American UFC professional athlete to “take a paycheck in Bitcoin.”

Nicolau stated in a declaration:

I’m thrilled to be receiving my earnings in bitcoin,” Nicolau specified. “As an athlete, I work hard to earn a living for myself, but with rising inflation I worry that this hard work goes to waste. By using Bitwage to earn bitcoin, I know that I am securing the value of my work.

Nicolau will be making use of the payroll service Bitwage, which he stated enabled him to protect the worth of his work. The Brazilian native discussed that he has actually pertained to comprehend the value of Bitcoin, which has actually blown up onto the marketplaces in inflation-riddenSouth America

Nicolau’s supervisor Vinicius Las Casas declared that they were “very bullish” on Bitcoin, and are seeking to spread out the “Bitcoin gospel” through the most recent offer. The supervisor exposed that he will likewise be utilizing Bitwage to get a part of his salaries in BTC.


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