2% of Bitcoin’s Total Supply Now Tokenized on Ethereum– Trustnodes


Ethereum is a growing number of imitating bitcoin’s real 2nd layer with near to 2% of bitcoin’s existing overall supply (19 million) now operating on eth.

Data from BtcOnEthereum, a tokenized bitcoin on eth analysis platform, reveals that there are an overall of 335,501 tokenized bitcoins on the ethereum blockchain as envisioned above.

A break-down programs that Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) makes up the bulk of bitcoin tokens on ethereum. There are 273,481 wBTC tokens at a market capitalization of near to $12 billion.

wBTC is followed by Huobi BTC with 39,884 HBTC tokens on the ethereum network. This BTC-pegged token has a market cap of almost $2 billion.

RenBTC, which declares to peg bitcoin in a decentralized method, has a supply of 14,756 BTC, worth $600 million.

Other bitcoin on eth tokens included on the site are Synthetic Bitcoin (sBTC) with 4,055 tokens. Its market capitalization is $174,145,632.

Tokenized BTC (imBTC) has a supply of 1,214 imBTC, while Token BTC (tBTC), another BTC on ETH token, has a supply of 835 bitcoin-pegged tokens on the ethereum blockchain.

Ptoken BTC (pBTC) contributes 635 BTC tokens on the ethereum blockchain. This has a market cap of $27,255,459.

There are 618 oBTC tokens on ethereum at a market cap of $26,543,098, while vBTC products simply 23 BTC-backed tokens on the ethereum network.

The lots of bitcoin tokens on eth, March 2022

All of these, particularly the larger ones like wBTC, can access the whole decentralized financing (defi) area operating on eth.

They can be utilized as security to get possibly tax-free loans, while paying eth holders in burnt deals

Most of them are custodian tokenized bitcoin, where a relied on entity offers state wBTC for real transferred bitcoin, with that relied on entity in this case being a defi consortium.

Some nevertheless attempt to handle this very same improvement in a decentralized method, like renBTC. While others, such as sBTC, do not have real bitcoin at all, they simply track the cost through securities that can likewise consist of tokenized bitcoin.

This whole range has actually grown in practically 3 years, with wBTC released in 2019, the rest following.

Even in this little corner therefore we’ve seen substantial development in a really brief time as bitcoin and ethereum sort of combine, a minimum of to a level. Creating a complementary relationship to each other’s advantage in a synergy of sorts.


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