Bogdanoff crypto-meme twins die at age 72 

Raise a glass today to the twin characters behind the popular “pomp eet” cryptocurrency meme. The French tv speakers passed away within one week of each other aged 72.

According to Le Monde, the 2 bros were hospitalized onDec 15 and moved to the extensive care system of a Paris medical facility after contracting COVID-19. Grichka passed away onDec 28, and Igor passed away 6 days later on, onJan 3.

The twins ended up being popular in France in the 80s, hosting a popular television program called Temps X and offering a very popular book called Clefs put la science-fictio n, or secrets to science-fiction.

Despite their television beauty, over-the-top views on theoretical physics, and honorable Russian family, the twins increased to cryptocurrency market popularity due to a viral meme. The twins’ striking high cheekbones, puffed lips and extended chins, which the bros rejected were an outcome of cosmetic surgery, made them web meme stars as far back as 2015.

Extravagant, conspiratorial stories surrounding the twins initially appeared on Reddit and 4Chan prior to the cryptocurrency meme developers took control of. The most renowned crypto meme programs Grichka as an omniscient, supreme figure, efficient in crashing– “bogging”– or pumping cryptocurrency markets with a single call.

The initial Youtube video from February 2018 has more than 4 million views, while the meme functions in Tweets and trading online forums.

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Fortunately, the twins mored than happy to keep up the joke and the newly found popularity the meme brought them. In an interview with CNEWS in July in 2015, they declared that they anticipated a Bitcoin (BTC)- like currency in 1982 as part of their Temps X television program. They even recommended that they might have met the strange Bitcoin developer Satoshi Nakomoto in the 90s.

Igor informed the television program Non-Stop People that the popular image of his bro on the phone has actually been seen over one billion times which Satoshi “probably had something to do with it going viral.” There is no evidence of this interaction.

While the twins were no complete strangers to the eccentric or the over-the-top, the memes will unquestionably survive on.



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