Crypto mainstream adoption: Is it here already? Specialists Answer, Part 3

Sebastian is the chief strategy officer at Coinsource, a Bitcoin ATM provider in the United States.

“In 2022, we expect more countries to follow El Salvador’s lead and embrace Bitcoin as legal tender, especially nations across Latin America and Asia. As an outcome, we expect an increase in the number of Bitcoin ATMs throughout Latin America, and likewise in Europe. As new countries embrace, it is most likely U.S. supremacy in the crypto market will be minimized.

Policy of crypto will continue into 2022, which is generally a good idea. Nevertheless, it must be affordable and fairly appropriate to all. We have the possible to solve compliance in many of the protocols once and for all, so we require to double down on this. The market is on a great path to increase the standards by which it measures compliance, however there requires to be a dialogue between experts on both sides of the regulatory argument.

Nefarious activity within the crypto area has actually been on a steep decline for several years now. Positioning on guideline, such as in the EU with MiCA, will create a level playing field that will enable continued growth in the long term. We hope the U.S. will soon follow in offering regulative clearness and guidelines that will keep it on foot as a crucial center for global crypto innovation.

We have seen huge development within the Bitcoin ATM, or BTM, industry in 2021, with worldwide installations up by 70%. We do not see this slowing down whenever soon. With so much activity in the market and the strong demand for BTMs from all sorts of recognized and brand-new target consumer groups, our company believe that the BTM area will continue to grow at a similar, or perhaps faster, rate. It is forecasted that the variety of BTM setups will strike 100,000 by 2025, and we would state that this is a conservative price quote.”


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