DogeBonk Claims to Have Become the First Crypto in Space, Ahead of Elon Musk’s DOGE-1 Rocket Mission

DogeBonk Claims to Have Become the First Crypto in Space, Ahead of Elon Musk


DogeBonk, a meme coin that is hardly 2 months old, declares to have actually beaten Elon Musk’s expected DOGE-1 rocket objective to end up being the very first meme coin to be sent out to area. The designers of the brand-new cryptocurrency pilot Dogebonk in area utilizing a dizzying weather condition balloon on December 15, a task that was later on streamed to the “BonkSquad”– DogeBonk fans, as evidence. The occasion rapidly got a great deal of stream on Twitter where neighborhood members rapidly started taking good-humoured digs at the Tesla and Space X CEO with the hashtag “SorryElon”.

Revived course, this was a weather condition balloon that went to the edge of area, while”>decentralised rocket prepares to go to the moon, so the scope is a little bit various, however it’s an enjoyable, saucy call-out. from hibernation by a mangy group of confidential

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