Dogecoin Started as a Joke and Became a Scam

Dogecoin Started as a Joke and Became a Scam


Bitcoin is going through another huge rate pump, increasing from $19,000 in December 2020 to simply over $48,000 previously today. Other cryptocurrencies have actually occurred for the flight, and among the odder recipients has actually been Dogecoin– greatly promoted on Twitter in the previous number of weeks by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

In the early 2010s “altcoin” scene, great deals of Bitcoin fans developed their own wonderful web cash, so they too might get abundant totally free: copy the Bitcoin software application, alter a couple of information, and introduce a brand-new coin that you might trade for bitcoins. Dogecoin (noticable “dozhe-coin”) was a somewhat fine-tuned copy of Litecoin, which was a somewhat fine-tuned copy ofBitcoin Dogecoin began in December 2013, at the peak of the very first huge bitcoin bubble.

Dogecoin was initially a joke cryptocurrency, taking its name from the “doge” web meme: an image of a shiba inu pet talking in Comic Sans typeface. The concept was to have a good time and be ridiculous with a cryptocurrency that was low-cost adequate to mess around with– each coin deserved a portion of a cent. Dogecoin fans (nicknamed “shibes”) collected on the Reddit online forum


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