Grindery. io Takes Second Place at The DAO Global Hackathon


San Francisco, United States, 28th December, 2021, Chainwire

On December 17, 2021, the DAO Global Hackathon selected Grindery as the 2nd location finalist in the Finance & Operations track. The award acknowledges Grindery’s unique service for assisting a DAO’s to “get things done” by:

  • Enabling batch payments for bounties, wages, and grants
  • Automating trustless reporting leveraging IPFS decentralized storage
  • Integration with Gnosis, Aragon, and other leading DAO structures

“Overall, I think this aspect of DAO tooling is going to be very important moving forward,” stated Sam, from Superfluid and track judge at the DAOGlobal Hackathon “The Grindery team is championing the process of building [these] tools and …making it easier to manage payments and create reports, and they build a lot of integrations. We’re excited to experiment with it.”

The Hackathon had more than fifty entries and was sponsored by partners consisting of Aragon, Gitcoin, Near, Polygon, BitDao MetaCartel, and other leading web3 tasks. It was likewise the very first Hackathon devoted specifically to DAOs.

In the context of the occasion Eyal, CEO of DeepDAO mentioned that “Assets Under Management by DAOs have multiplied 300x in less than two years” and we will see a “Cambrian Explosion” of DAOs in the coming months Tim Delhaes, co-founder of Grindery mentioned. According to numerous web3 experts, DAOs are where NFTs had to do with a year back.

“However, DAOs still lack basic tools that are common in any company or startup” Tim continues, “payouts, timesheets, reporting.. All of these are not only productivity-enhancing gimmicks but a true requirement to enable trustless collaboration at scale. ”Grindery is developing the structure, chain, and token independent tools these DAOs require.

“Grindery is building a swiss army knife for existing DAO Frameworks. Grindery complements existing DAO Framework like Aragon” Pete Abilla of Harmony mentions. “This is why we provided them with funds through the Harmony Grant program earlier this year when we ported Aragon to the Harmony Blockchain.”

About The DAO Global Hackathon

The DAO Global Hackathon is a virtual sprint to develop governance primitives, sponsored by leading DAO Infrastructure suppliers. The goal is to solve technical restrictions of the existing DAO tooling and to develop the next frontier of coordination primitives. Winners were chosen by a trusted group of judges, with a possibility to take house a combined reward swimming pool in worth of $200K USD.

About Grindery

Grindery constructs software application that assists DAOs to be more transparent and efficient by streamlining payments and reporting. Grindery has actually launched its very first item as a Chrome Extension in theGoogle Chrome Store The group of serial business owners and experienced designers has actually currently won numerous Hackathons and is on track to turn into one of the leading tools of its classification.




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