Incident Post Mortem: November 19, 2021 




On November 19, 2021, Coinbase found out that it had actually incorrectly credited some consumers negotiating in GYEN and POWR either 100x or 1/100th the quantity they bought. Coinbase quickly handicapped trading in POWR and GYEN, worked all the time to solve the underlying technical concern, and after that made modifications in client accounts to show the quantity of GYEN and POWR that consumers really bought. This occurrence impacted around 0.0072% of Coinbase’s overall confirmed users.

What taken place?

On November 19 at around 4:00 p.m. EST, Coinbase upgraded an internal information source associated to POWR and GYEN accuracy. The upgrade was checked through our basic automatic screening and release tracking treatments. However, the screening didn’t find that the upgrade would propagate at different speeds through a variety of internal systems and would lead to consumers being credited either 100x or 1/100th the quantity of GYEN or POWR they bought.

The information rollout mistake was determined through our position threat tracking systems quickly after the November 19 4:00 p.m. EST upgrade. At 5:35 p.m. EST, we disabled negotiating in GYEN and POWR pending resolution of the underlying concern. At 7:26 p.m. EST, we determined accounts that negotiated in GYEN or POWR throughout the information rollout, and momentarily limited these accounts pending additional examination. By November 21, limitations were eliminated for 98.8% of these accounts and, by December 13, Coinbase brought back complete trading for GYEN and POWR.

What did Coinbase do to fix the issue?

Coinbase right away dedicated considerable engineering resources to rapidly fix the issue, guaranteeing our consumers got the proper quantity of GYEN and POWR that they bought. For consumers who were incorrectly over-credited 100x the GYEN and POWR they bought, we made sure that they got the proper quantity of properties that they spent for. For those who still had GYEN and POWR in their accounts, this was reasonably uncomplicated– we alerted consumers of the mistake and just debited those consumers’ accounts, eliminating the additional GYEN or POWR that was incorrectly credited.

Some consumers had actually currently transformed their GYEN and POWR to other digital properties, such asBitcoin Other consumers sent their GYEN and POWR to wallets off the Coinbase platform, however kept other digital properties on the Coinbase platform. For these consumers, we alerted them of the mistake and, in accordance with the Coinbase User Agreement, withdrew other properties from these consumers’ Coinbase accounts equivalent to the quantity of GYEN or POWR they had actually been over-credited.

When identifying just how much to debit from these consumers’ accounts, we utilized the most beneficial currency exchange rate for our consumers. Specifically, we determined the USD worth of the GYEN or POWR owed to Coinbase by utilizing the most affordable currency exchange rate on the Coinbase Exchange from the time this occurrence started till trading was stopped ($ 0.00825/ GYEN, $0.4742/ POWR). This lessened the quantity owed to Coinbase by these consumers. We then debited funds from user accounts as much as this USD worth, beginning with their fiat balances, then USDC and other stablecoin balances, followed by other digital possession balances ranked by coming down market cap. The worth of these digital properties was determined utilizing the marketplace rate at the time user accounts were debited.

A little group of consumers who were incorrectly over-credited GYEN or POWR sent out these digital properties off-platform and left no other properties on the Coinbase platform. Coinbase has actually been connecting to those consumers separately and values our consumers’ cooperation returning the incorrectly credited GYEN and POWR. Repayment of the over-credited funds is needed under the Coinbase User Agreement.

For consumers who were undercredited GYEN or POWR, getting a lower quantity than they bought, Coinbase very first figured out the quantity of GYEN or POWR owed to these consumers. Coinbase then determined the USD worth of the GYEN or POWR owed to consumers by utilizing the greatest currency exchange rate from the start of the occurrence till the removal procedure was finished ($ 0.009799/ GYEN, $0.9617/ POWR), which was the most beneficial currency exchange rate for our consumers. That implies that despite the cost consumers bought at, we presumed that the consumers would have offered these properties at the greatest cost while trading was handicapped. After computing this USD worth, we credited consumers a comparable quantity ofBitcoin We credited these consumers in Bitcoin since GYEN and POWR trading was still suspended, and Bitcoin is utilized in every nation where consumers were impacted.

To even more benefit our consumers we utilized a currency exchange rate of $55,000/ BTC, which was lower than the marketplace rate of BTC at the time these BTC payments were made. This currency exchange rate guaranteed our consumers got more Bitcoin than they would have gotten had we utilized the real BTC-USD currency exchange rate at the time.

Additionally, for all consumers whose accounts were limited, Coinbase offered a consumer experience credit of as much as $100 in BTC.

What takes place next? Since of this occurrence,For consumers still have concerns about how their accounts were credited or debited. Coinbase Support concerns particular to your account, please do not hesitate to connect to

Coinbase.If is likewise modifying the details in our consumers’ account declarations and tax return to properly show our consumers’ GYEN and POWR deals. Values Before your declarations or tax types appear inaccurate, please reach out to Data Rollout Error, however understand that we are working to fix that details.

In GYEN November the November.Coinbase Exchange the days leading up to the information rollout mistake, in between We 16 and We 19, Coinbase observed GYEN-USD break parity when compared to JPY/USD. These have actually seen consumers hypothesize on social networks that this occurrence was in some way associated to this break in parity. Coinbase have actually likewise seen consumers hypothesize that this break in parity was in some way triggered by

The Break Parity Occurred Before claims are incorrect and show a misinterpreting about what GYEN is and how Was Not Related works.Incident in This and At to theNovember

0*Ttaeq6GemjvrelhhThe break in parity took place days prior to the occurrence. Yen the peak of this break in parity, on Red Line Indicating 17, 1 GYEN traded for around ¥ 7.48.Data Rollout Error cost of GYEN (blue) in

By (red) throughout the break in parity, with a high of ¥ 7.48 (November the time of the When Coinbase)In the time the information rollout mistake took place, on

How 19, GYEN’s cost stability had actually recuperated and GYEN was trading at around ¥ 0.96– 0.98. Break unlimited affected consumers’ accounts, GYEN was trading at around ¥ 0.98. Parity Occurred other words, the break in parity took place prior to the information rollout mistake and the 2 concerns had absolutely nothing to do with each other.When Coinbase the The inCoinbase From November noted GYEN, there was considerable need for GYEN that might not be matched by supply. November rise in purchaser need for GYEN, combined with the inadequate supply of GYEN throughout all markets (not simply Coinbase), eventually triggered the break in parity. “Unusual Market Activity — Due to unusual market activity for GYEN, you may have trouble trading GYEN on We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.” The 17 through Coinbase 19,

Source carried out an alert, notifying its consumers who were purchasing, trading and offering GYEN of (*) break in parity took place since of these market conditions particular to the GYEN digital possession unassociated to (*) operations.(*)

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