Mila Kunis’ Studio Launches Solana NFT Animated Series, The Gimmicks

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  • The Gimmicks is a brand-new animated web series that lets audiences assist form the story through Solana- based NFTs.
  • It’s made by animation studio Toonstar and Sixth Wall, the digital arm of starlet Mila Kunis’ Orchard Farm Productions.

NFTs can represent digital art work and media, however they can likewise cultivate neighborhood– and provide holders a genuine say in a task’s future.

The Gimmicks is the most recent example of that technique in action. Hailing in part from starlet Mila Kunis’ production studio, it’s an animated series that utilizes Solana NFTs to let fans form the story and character arcs in time.

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Developed by We b3 animation studio Toonstar in collaboration with Kunis’ Sixth Wall, The Gimmicks is an animated web series about washed-up expert wrestlers attempting to return into the spotlight of the squared circle.

Toonstar CEO John Attanasio explained it to Decrypt as “South Park meets WWE, but interactive and greasier.” The Gimmicks happened after professional wrestlers Luke “Doc” Gallows and Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson were launched by WWE as the COVID-19 pandemic began.

“They reached out about collaborating on some animated shorts for social media, so that they could get their stories out and keep their creative juices flowing (and preserve their sanity),” Attanasio informed Decrypt.

From there, Toonstar started establishing the principle for The Gimmicks, which includes voice acting from Gallows and Anderson together with fellow wrestlers FKA Enzo Amore andRocky Romero Comedy authors Dave Ihlenfeld and David Wright– who have actually dealt with Family Guy and Star Trek: Lower Decks– will pen the series.

Yh5Baeaaaaalaaaaaabaaeaaaibraa7Gimmicks Solana Nft Series 2.PngThe Gimmicks includes previous WWE stars as voice stars. Image: Toonstar

The Gimmicks follows in the steps of Stoner Cats, the Ethereum- based animated series that was moneyed by the sale of NFTs lastJuly That job was developed by Kunis’ Orchard Farm Productions with voice stars like Kunis, her Husband Ashton Kutcher, and Jane Fonda in the mix– together with visitors like Ethereum developer Vitalik Buterin.

Now, Orchard Farm’s recently-established Sixth Wall digital arm is teaming up with Toonstar on this Solana- based equivalent.

Sixth Wall partner Lisa Sterbakov explained The Gimmicks as “an iteration on the Stoner Cats [concept] with the ability for even more community engagement and audience interaction.”

“No one has the ideas that push the potential of Web3 or create content as fun as Toonstar does, and no one can turn around content as quickly,” Kunis informedDecrypt “The Gimmicks allows us to experiment with what it looks like to create in and around a community, taking the tech seriously but keeping the content fun.”

The Gimmicks reveal totally free NFT Mint

Toonstar and Sixth Wall will release 10,000 Solana NFTs– each illustrating a special character– to construct the neighborhood around the job, with the general public mint occurring on March 18.

Unlike Stoner Cats, which offered its Ethereum NFTs for about $785 worth of ETH each, The Gimmicks’ NFTs will all be totally free to mint (with the only expense being Solana’s deal charge).

“We felt that offering a free mint would encourage a much broader range of participation by lowering the cost of entry into our crazy world,” statedAttanasio “Our goal is to help create a new generation of franchise IP with blockchain communities, so we believe monetization will come in various forms if we build character worlds that people love and want to be part of.”

At completion of each episode of The Gimmicks, NFT holders will have the ability to vote on which story course the next sector will take. It’s a comparable “choose your own adventure” motivated style as Shibuya, the recently-unveiled Ethereum- based video platform co-created by NFT artist Emily “pplpleasr” Yang.

The Gimmicks will likewise include an on-chain social layer called “DIC Punch”– the acronym describing a Decentralized Inclusive Community– that Attanasio referred to as “our version of the Facebook poke, but harder.” Each NFT holder’s interactions will be tape-recorded on the blockchain, with a leaderboard to highlight leading factors.

Attanasio stated that Toonstar chosen Solana for its low deal charges– crucial to the performance of the on-chain social layer– and lower ecological effect than some competing blockchain platforms (like Ethereum). The studio intends to “engage both degens and newbies alike” with The Gimmicks, he described, and picked its platform appropriately.

Unlike Stoner Cats, The Gimmicks’ video material will not be completely unique to NFT holders, although they will get to episodes prior to the larger public. Kunis recommended that The Gimmicks provides an available method for brand-new users to start communicating with We b3 and NFTs.

“It goes along with our mission of onboarding new people into Web3,” Kunis stated. “We know the NFT-curious can be afraid to jump in, but Toonstar’s ideas, tech, and content, combined with the low transaction fees and low environmental impact of the Solana blockchain, make this an easy entry point.”

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