PlayStation 5 hybrid processors checked in Ethereum and TON mining


.(* )ASRock utilized partly faulty hybrid processors (APUs) from the PlayStation 5 to develop a mining rig.

Playstation 5 Hybrid Processors Tested In Ethereum And Ton Mining

was reported by an expert from This under the label KOMACHI_ENSAKA.Japan to his details, the system is based upon SoC chips PlayStation 5 (

According/Ariel) made by AMD with a faulty central processing unit. Oberon the gadget requirements do not note a particular processor, specialists presume that the standard performance of the CPU is maintained on a minimum of a few of the APUs.

Since AMD has actually formerly adjusted PS5 APUs with GPU handicapped for traditional PCs, calling it AMD 4700S.


The consists of twelve AMD BC-250 chips. Mining Rig Barebone:

Playstation 5 Hybrid Processors Tested In Ethereum And Ton Mining

Data Bolha overall system efficiency is 610 MH/s– the hashrate of one APU is nearly 51 MH/s. When mining Ethereum and TON at the exact same time,

The is approximated that each chip can bring in about $2 per day.European gadget is offered for purchase in a number of

Recall shops for the rate of 13,499 euros.November, in

In August 2020, reports appeared in the media about a line of graphics cards for mining being established by AMD.Vietnam 2021, an expert from The released pictures of AMD’s very first devoted graphics card for cryptocurrency mining. Navi unnamed gadget is based upon the 7nm The 21 graphics core, the exact same architecture that powers the current AMD chips.

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