Shib’s next, most likely will be a wonderful energy token like the FCX token


Everyone is asking, what will the next shib be? Definitely not a meme token any longer.


We found FCX token

Its group is Canada’s FreedomConvoyX DAO, they are attempting the DAO and token, end all, begin all.

The world’s very first viral diffusion system with a fantastic 19-level revenue circulation released on the blockchain will promote an unthinkable wealth surge on a worldwide scale.


The previous Northern Telecom Limited engineers in Canada will likewise begin the ground cooperation with Starlink, and Some core members of a popular video game business have actually guaranteed to introduce the FREEDOM IMAGINATION video game for FreedomConvoyXDAO in May, additional promote the surge of FCX token energy.

FCX is not a meme token, it is basically an option to standard bank stored-value wealth management. The holder instantly acquires the USDT reflection, which burns deflation. It has strong anti-inflation and gratitude abilities.

Growth of energy tokens, not connected to existing market bulls or bears.



FreedomconvyX’s tweet reveals that they were developed motivated by Buterin, in order to permit fans all over the world to invest the correct amount of cash without caring about GAS, FCXDAO chose to introduce on the BNB chain prior to the opening of the Ethereum agreement layer, Then run cross-chain. Website:

in the DAO, the X in FreedomConvoy means unlimited possibilities, a lot of advantages are coming, END ALL MANDATES, to start redemption, to stop disputes through WB3 and permit individuals to work together to accomplish a typical vision. For freedom-loving motorists, for lost residents, for those in requirement.

In the Q2 of 2022, in May, FreedomConvoyX’s “FREEDOM IMAGINATION” video game was released, and in June, FreedomConvoyX’s GEOGRAPHIC NFT platform was released, engaging off-chain and on-chain, revealing a brand-new world.

In the Q3 of 2022, from July to August, the R&D and production of WB3 devices will be finished. In September, the ground resources of FreedomConvoyX will be utilized to comply with Starlink to establish the ground cordless protection of Starlink, and to mine with cordless protection, leading to more Multi- function.

In the Q4 of 2022, from October to November, they will make more FreedomConvoyX gadgets for WB3.

In December, will introduce the high-speed 0gas public chain of FreedomConvoyX, establish cross-chain bridges, develop a main metaverse, log in to a number of CEXs, and update the international DAO.

FCX token has actually been released on the BNB chain and is going through personal sales.

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