Tesla Cybertruck postponed to 2023, Elon Musk starts accepting dogecoin for some product

Tesla Cybertruck delayed to 2023, Elon Musk begins accepting dogecoin for some merchandise


Yahoo Finance’s Julie Hyman and Brian Sozzi go over Tesla’s Cybertruck hold-up till 2023 and how dogecoin is rising after Elon Musk starts accepting the crypto for some product.

Video Transcript


JULIE HYMAN: Welcome back toYahoo Finance Live Want to bring you some other movers that we are viewing today besides obviously,The Big Bang Got to discuss Tesla here for a minute on 2 fronts. Let’s begin with the Cybertruck, will we, since the business obviously has actually pressed back production of the Cybertruck to the very first quarter of 2023. This is according to a report by Reuters.

The Cybertruck is currently something of a tag line, Brian Sozzi, since when it was presented–


JULIE HYMAN: –Let’s state there were some issues with even the demonstration variation of the important things. And we’re seeing a great deal of other truck makers come out and really produce electrical trucks. So this is possibly another speed bump for Tesla.

BRIAN SOZZI: No, I saw what you did there,Julie No, I’m really beginning to believe that possibly the Cybertruck simply does not even pertain to market, and we simply saw a number of models produced by Tesla and Elon Musk to drive enjoyment around the business’s automobile portfolio, which plainly, they do a heck of a lot much better getting vehicles out eviction than these big trucks that are truly formed like huge squares or cubes decreasing the roadway. And if it does pertain to market, and when it does, should it pertain to market, what does it even appear like? I believe the group over at Tesla is still attempting to get the style right, to the point where they can make these trucks and really earn money off it. And now, as they’re attempting to figure this things out, you’ll have Ford coming out here, draining electrical F-150s, all electrical, eventually this year, and truly, beginning to develop a market.

JULIE HYMAN: Yeah, and you have Rivian making trucks. Yeah, they’re making less than they had actually at first wished to, however they’re really making and offering them. So that’s 2 in the column versus Tesla with none. This course something that And is extremely great at producing is tweets, and he produced another winner last night, where he stated that the business would be accepting Doge for its product– not the vehicles itself, I do not think, however simply like equipment schwag around

. is something the business had actually teased previously, however I think it’s really doing it now. Elon Musk so we’re seeing a bump in costs of We’ve on that heading.So BRIAN SOZZI: Elon I believe you saw a little Dogecoin attempting to bend to start of the year. Dogecoin seen a great deal of weak point in cryptocurrencies the previous month and a half. But it might be Slack attempting to, I believe, advise a great deal of folks out there that he is a market mover in all things crypto, coming out here, and tweeting what he did on Julie– I’m responding favorably. Elon Musk we were joking a bit about this in our Tesla channels, You, today. Elon Musk over these tweets from

I simply wish to concentrate on the Yes service, attempting to leading truly what was a strong 2021 for him. So need to provide a suggestion of the hat to Cybertruck and what they accomplished in 2015.


Source JULIE HYMAN: for sure. (*) we’ll see if he gets the head down, and gets that (*) rolling.(*) link (*).

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