[WATCH] Solving Ethereum Scalability Challenges with ZK-Rollups in Africa– A Chat with Antoni, Enterprise Lead, Polygon

[WATCH] Solving Ethereum Scalability Challenges with ZK-Rollups in Africa – A Chat with Antoni, Enterprise Lead, Polygon

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Polygon just recently obtained Hermez, a ZK-rollups procedure, for $250 million to broaden its offerings.

The acquisition brought to life the brand-new clothing, called Polygon-Hermez, with the group just recently going to Africa to comprehend the blockchain and crypto landscape on the continent.

BitKE overtook the lead group to talk about the Polygon collaboration and how Polygon is aiming to place itself throughout the African continent.

In this conversation we talk:

  • Hermez as a scalibility option
  • Building side-chains on Ethereum
  • Making ZK-rollups useful to genuine users
  • Collaborative efforts within Polygon
  • Onboarding the next 1 billion users
  • Pushing for adoption in Africa
  • Advice to crypto business owners in Africa


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