Web3 Decentralized Identifier QPassport Is Live on Ethereum Mainnet Now!


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Web3 Decentralized Identifier QPassport formally debuts on Ethereum Mainnet on March 22, 2022 (UTC).

The following 4 functions are now supported by Ethereum- based QPassport :

  • Claiming Ethereum- based QPassport, your decentralized identity on blockchain;
  • Authorizing third-party DApps to login with QPassport;
  • More avatar options (by designers) readily available for you to tailor QPassport;
  • Allowing more NFT jobs (721Land, Loot, mLoot, CryptoPunks) to display.

With the launch of qpassport.io on Ethereum Mainnet, you can now check out and tailor your Ethereum- based decentralized digital identity (QPassport), which will be functioning as your passport into the Ethereum community.

Ethereum has a large range of applications covering numerous fields such as DeFi, DEX, GameFi, antiques, market, supply chain, advancement tools, ID, governance, facilities, and ERC requirements.

As we’re getting in a brand-new Web3 period, the issues like “an account only for an application”, “unrelated on-chain actions among DApps”, and “easier information leakage” end up being significantly popular. QPassport, as a decentralized digital identifier, assists resolve these issues by permitting users to login to various Ethereum DApps quickly, build up on-chain experience and credits constantly, and shop and handle information in a highly-efficient and protected method.

Early in January 2022, QPassport launched a beta variation on the PlatONMainnet The launch of QPassport on Ethereum Mainnet marks the main multi-chain advancement of QPassport, which will considerably enhance your on-chain digital identity experience.

Please remain tuned for more to come!

About QPassport

QPassport is a decentralized identifier (DID) of web3.0. Empowered by blockchain and privacy-preserving calculation innovation, we intend to develop a digital identity, information and credit storage and management system including security, openness and decentralization. The essential objective of QPassport is to develop a community-governed QPassportDAO together with users.

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