What Is the Next Cryptocurrency to Explode in 2022?


The most amazing aspect of cryptocurrency financial investments is that when they take off, they escalate in worth. In 2021, we saw Solana (< a href="https://www.fool.com/quote/crypto/sol/">CRYPTO:SOL) boost by more than 10,000%. Terra (< a href="https://www.fool.com/quote/crypto/luna/">CRYPTO:LUNA) acquired more than 12,000%. Meme token Shiba Inu (< a href="https://www.fool.com/quote/crypto/shib/">CRYPTO:SHIB) soared more than 40,000,000%.

What will be the next cryptocurrency to take off? It’s clearly difficult to understand for sure, particularly given that there’s no warranty of whether crypto is here to remain However, we can choose some possible prospects that are taking advantage of existing patterns that consist of the metaverse, decentralized financing, and

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