Will Terra’s LUNA Top $88 This Time Next Year? A $1M Bet Says It Will

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Crypto trader Sensei Algod has actually been so determined about his bearish take on Terra’s native token, LUNA, that he chose to put his $1 million where his mouth is.

“Who wants to take a $1,000,000 bet that LUNA will be lower price [sic] in 1 year than now?” he tweeted the other day.

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“Cool, I’m in,” responded CEO and creator of Terraform Labs, the company behind Terra, Do Kwon, wagering $1 million that the cost of Terra’s LUNA token will be greater than $88 on March 14 next year.

The duo consented to designate Cobie, a co-host of the crypto podcast UpOnly, as their escrow representative. They have actually each moved $1 million in Tether’s stablecoin USDT to an Ethereum address, which Etherscan has actually now identified as “Cobie: LUNA Bet Escrow.”

Luna’s trading for $92.85 a pop, since this writing, according to information from CoinMarketCap. It’s the seventh-largest cryptocurrency, boasting a market capitalization of $34.5 billion.

Despite the token’s current bullish activity, nevertheless, Sensei Algod thinks the cost action does not show his significant worry about the job.

The Big Short: Terra’s LUNA

Terra’s native dollar-pegged stablecoin, UST, keeps its stability through a swap system, where traders offer 1 UST for $1 worth of LUNA at any time.

Whenever UST drops listed below its $1 peg, an arbitrage chance emerges. Clever traders can swoop in and trade that marked down UST for LUNA, making a profit.

This assists keep UST’s peg to USD since each time they purchase UST and switch it for LUNA, the Terra procedure ruins that UST and eliminates it from blood circulation. This indicates you have area purchase pressure on UST in addition to a reducing supply.

Conversely, whenever UST increases above its peg, a comparable arbitrage trade emerges. To capture this advantage, traders will purchase LUNA and switch it for UST. This procedure ruins LUNA and mints more UST.

Both forces assist press the stablecoin back towards its peg.

In a twitter thread on February 16, Sensei Algod argued that since there’s now more UST around than ever, however, the LUNA cryptocurrency will not have the ability to sustain its cost unless Terra alters the design.

“So basically 11.7 [billion] UST is basically backed by LUNA orderbooks, in best case it can maybe sustain a 1-2bn sell right now. For now they [have] driven up demand with the 20% fixed apy printed out of [thin] air which is unsustainable,” he stated, describing Anchor Protocol, where UST stablecoin deposits presently make financiers 19.45% APY.

Anchor-ProtocolAnchor-Protocol UST loaning and financing onAnchor Protocol Source: Anchor.

“What Lunatics are expecting is that demand will infinitely keep exceeding supply, the moment supply exceeds demand people will panic and start mass redeeming ust for luna -> [UST]. Does this remind you of something? (cough cough ponzi),” he tweeted.

He called LUNA “the bitconnect of this bull run” in another tweet on March 13, describing crypto’s most notorious ponzi plan that failed in 2018.

Kwon likewise used to Sensei Algod another wager to double down on his program of self-confidence in the Terra network.

“Furthermore, happy to do the bet where UST is not depegged same time next year, I shall even give you 2:1 odds,” he stated. Sensei Algod hasn’t reacted since this writing.

But if this 2nd bet is taken, there might be another even larger wager.

For has actually concurred to a $10 million bet with crypto trader


The, under the very same conditions, however

The hasn’t sent out the cash to escrow representative Decrypt’s wallet.

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Get the rest people without millions to toss at our deep crypto convictions, today’s wager guarantees that a minimum of there’s going to be totally free home entertainment followed year.

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